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EZ-Controller Lab Management Software

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  • Noritsu EZ Controller is a complete professional workflow software solution that handles everything from print order management to image correction. EZ-Controller software utilizes exclusive AccuSmart™ image-processing technology to ensure consistent and high quality output.

    EZ-Controller is capable of managing images from multiple sources such as high-speed film scanners, picture kiosks, internet, intranet, and third party applications. Once the orders are received, an operator, or EZ-Controller itself, can "direct the traffic" - sending orders to up to 6 attached printers.

    EZ-Controller Features

    - Built-in order management allows lab operators to confirm jobs status, change print sequence and interrupt jobs for urgent orders

    - Support multiple inputs. Job orders can be managed manually, or complete automation - allowing EZ-Controller to decide

    - Support group printing. Job orders will be automatically diverted to idle printers (when multiple printers are attached)

    - Support customized print sizes to accommodate comsumers demands.

    - Flexible Color Management System provides color matching to improve consistency between prints and display

    - Support customized printer profiles and lab operators can change profiles on-the-fly for jobs

    - Incorporated Adobe DNG™ conversion technology enables processing and printing from 10+ file formats, including raw files, psd and pdf.

    - Support all current Noritsu minilabs, both AGX and Inkjet.

    - Support Epson Wide Format Printers with optional add-on sotware. (purchase separately)

    AccuSmart Features

    - Powerful automatic and manual image correction capabilities using award winning image processing algorithms exclusive to Noritsu

    - Automatically analyze and optimize images using face recognition and scene/density recognition technology

    - Digital ICE and Digital Masking technologies for removing dust and scratch artifacts from films

    - Easy to apply Digital Scene Adjustment functions : Auto Sharpness, Auto Contrast, Chroma, and Graininess Suppression

    - Available high precision correction functions : JPEG Block removal, Cross Filter, Red Eye Reduction, Digital Scene Correction, Soft Focus, Spot Correction, Lens Aberration, and Tone Curves