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Training at Customer Site

Our systems are uncomplicated and easy to use but Noritsu makes it a point to ensure that a complete training is provided to the customer prior to the installation of the purchased equipment.

Detailed training courses have been developed for each product specifying the complete use of the digital minilabs and peripheral equipment. These training courses are conducted at our in-house training facility equipped with all essential tools and led by a skilled and proficient customer support team.

The training course is followed by a complete demonstration after the installation to ensure that no aspect of the trainings is missed out.

Training Course Content

  • Layout of Equipment

  • Startup Procedures

  • Printing Functions

  • Editing Tools

  • Judgment Display Function

  • Image Editing Software(optional)

  • Operator Selection & Key Ratio Setting

  • Print Channels Setup/Package Print Channel Setup

  • Paper Colour and Density setup

  • Troubleshooting Procedures

  • Online Help menu

  • Maintenance - Weekly and Monthly Checks

  • Processor Settings and Maintenance

  • Close Down Procedures