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Photo Book Binding/De-Binding System

  • Photo book binding system

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    The practical, tried-and-tested binding system makes it child's play to bind a skilled, visually demanding photo book that is good to the touch in less than 3 minutes.

    This rock solid binding technique is comprised of a laminator, a clamp and a reel cutter. When stacked, the unit requires a small floor space. Naturally, the elements can also be placed next to each other.

    Alternatively, we also offers the cover for the front and back page cover with a laminating foil applied to it. A single-sided, printed image is placed between each foil and cover carrier. The covers are then fed to the laminator. At 150 0C, the book cover, the picture and the foil "fuse" within about one minute into a high-gloss cover section. The photo book pages printed on both sides are then placed between the finished front and rear cover pages. If there are any deviations in the photo book pages before folding them, the self-processor will "equalize" them with the reel cutter.

    The clamp is now fitted with a metal spine. The operator then places the loose pages of the book into it as a book block. Finally, the operator presses the spine with a lever onto the spine, thereby creating a perfect spine bar binder. This simple but effective binding equipment makes opening the page easy and ensures the book block remains firmly in the photo book cover. After a one-time purchase of the Opus binding equipment, the self-processor only requires the consumable materials for the front and back covers and the spine. The complete binding system is comprised of the laminator, clamping system and the reel cutter. It is primarily used to produce hard-cover photo books with pages printed on both sides..


    This system not only can bind Photo Books but also De-Bind them at a later date if the customer decides to add more pages or change the order of the prints.

    Photo Book Sizes

    This system has the capability of producing A4 in both landscape & portrait layouts or 12" x 12" print size.


    Binding Channels

    5mm holds up to 35 pages
    7mm holds up to 60 pages
    10mm holds up to 90 pages
    13mm holds up to 120 pages

    * all pages numbers are 80gsm


    Hard Back covers in A4 and 12" x 12" with laminated covers or plain.