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  • QSS-3904G

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  • Modern Sophistication, Legendary QSS Reliability

    The QSS-3904G uses direct laser diode modulation on all R, G, and B colors and has become the next generation high-resolution silver halide photo system, designed for the needs of today's labs in mind.

    Capable of producing the highest quality prints, with more value-added services, a more efficient workflow, and lower overall costs. The 3904G is the perfect silver halide minilab solution.

    Direct modulation on all RGB laser diodes laser engine employed by the QSS-3904G is the result of years of development by Noritsu in the pursuit of the highest quality digital imaging. As a result, a digital minilab that is capable of 640 dpi true photo printing and producing an incredible 5 times more pixels than other similar systems is created.

    This means finer detail, smoother color gradations, and amazing prints can be produced for customers who are also in pursuit of perfection.

    High quality laser engine to meet the expectations of the discerning consumers

    The digital laser engine produces high definition, high quality prints by using 640dpi in both main and sub scanning. Consumers can enjoy detailed and stunning prints.
    By using Noritsu AccuSmart image processing technology, images are printed just as beautiful as your eyes catch visions. AccuSmart easily corrects any images and produces ultra high quality prints with simple operations. These technologies will surely fulfill the demand of discerning consumers

    Increased Productivity with sophisticated feature set and fast printing speed

    The QSS-3904G offer the best print quality using AccuSmart Technology, high Efficient workflow using EZ Controller software, and an unparalleled feature set. Increased quality and productivity bring improving profits.

    For business that needs versatility

    Speed is important to photo labs.
    The QSS-3904G boasts ample speed to handle large volume orders, enlargements, and specialty prints without sacrificing quality.

    152 x 102mm (6" x 4") approx. 2,120 prints/hour

    127 x 178mm (5" x 7") approx. 1,304 prints/hour

    254 x 203mm (10" x 8") approx. 614 prints/hour

    305 x 254mm (12" x 10") approx. 501 prints/hour

    *all print/hour approx.

    Direct modulation laser diodes are used for each color (RGB)

    The digital laser engine produces high definition, high quality prints by using 640 dpi in both main and sub scanning. The results are detailed, stunning prints.

    An Amazing 640 dpi 12 bit resolution translate to 79 million pixels for an A3 size print

    The QSS-3904G printer adopts the laser print technology that has been industry proven and trusted. The 640 dpi accurately portrays fine details and meets the expectations of even the discerning consumers

    Expand print sizes

    Accepts various types of color photographic papers and processing solutions from different manufactures to offer versatility Maximum process able print size is 305mm (width) and 914.4mm (advance length). The QSS-3904G, in parallel with the conventional units, we offer flexibility to our customers as the printer supports various color photographic papers and processing solutions

    Enlargements, panoramas, square prints, collages, colanders, cards, and more are easy to customize for your customers.

    Enlargement Print 305 x 914.4mm (12" x 36")

    Panorama Print 914.4mm (36")

    Flexible features and options to improve productivity

    Auto setup print calibration

    Colorimeter built in the processor unit automatically calibrates the setup print. Therefore, there is no need for operator to conduct calibration work manually.

    Interrupted orders signified by LED lamp

    LED lamps on the order sorter unit are used to indicate which orders have been interrupted and which print trays the interrupted orders are in.