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QSS Green Duplex Inkjet System

  • QSS Green

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  • The QSS Green is the latest in our innovative Inkjet dry minilab systems - Powerful, Versatile, and Compact.

    Poised to become the new de-facto standard model for the photofinishing industry.

    The QSS green is built to handle situations of any kind: independent shops, photo studios, camera stores and pro-labs. In addition to all features that have made the QSS brand so popular, the QSS Green raises the bar in terms of environmental friendliness and print varieties.

    The Green has an amazing 69.2" paper advance length and the ability to change the print stage height at will: set to provide a vast printing options.


    - All-in-one machine that provides a wide variety of services with a lower total cost of ownership

    - Compact design with flexible layout - 0.43m2 footprint

    - The fastest printing machine at 1440dpi resolution of all paper sizes, comparing to similar size in the market!

    - Support both roll paper and sheet paper printing

    - Support both single-sided prints and double-sided sheet paper printing

    - Duplex printing is efficient and loading paper has never been easier

    - Adjustable platen gap to support a wide variety of papers in the market*

    - Amazing maximum advance length of 1757.7mm (69.2”) enabling an extensive range of panorama and enlargement possibilities

    - Increase value-added products offering, such as photobooks, greeting cards, calendars, posters, etc.

    - Choice of color profiles and choice of printing resolutions (Max. resolution: 1440dpi)

    * QSS-Green can process Genuine Noritsu Sheet Papers, normal, cast coat and other kinds of commercial sheet papers. However, not all papers are supported. Using non-Noritsu Genuine papers may void product's warranty. Contact Noritsu Australia for further information


    - High resolution prints: 1440dpi

    - Sharp portrayal of details with Noritsu’s multiple dot gradation technology

    - Vivid colors with excellent contrast and smooth gradations

    - Long lasting colors with Noritsu’s proprietary ink

    - "AccuSmart" image correction technology and raw image file processing

    Enhanced Efficiency

    - Industry’s first auto-duplex and roll paper printing system

    - Compact design capable of flush installation

    - Plug-and-use design

    - Easy operation and maintenance

    - Support printing from high-speed film scanners, picture kiosks and network*

    *Noritsu EZ Controller software is required


    - Powered by household electricity

    - Machine can be set idle and quick start-up when needed

    - Chemistry free design - use of QSS Green dye-ink

    - 4-color ink system without sacrificing printing quality