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QSS-Green Simplex Inkjet Printer

  • QSS Green Simplex

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  • The Noritsu QSS-Green Simplex is a 1440dpi high resolution inkjet printer capable of producing a wide variety of print sizes, maximizing revenue with a lower total cost of ownership.

    A compact design for studio business environment!

    In addition to standard 4"x6" prints and enlargements, the QSS-Green Simplex opens the door to new opportunities with items such as single-sided calendars, photo cards, locker prints, posters and panoramas up to 10" x 69.2".

    The QSS-Green Simplex provides an ultra photo print quality using an advanced type of dye ink, producing crisp images with vivid colors. Furthermore, a newly developed ink system which automatically controls dot sizes ensuring fine color gradations with minimal ink consumption. The ink used in the QSS-Green Simplex has an improved molecular structure to withstand light and ozone, producing prints with excellent qualities.

    For added efficiency and convenience in terms of maintenance, the QSS-Green Simplex equips with newly designed removable absorbers and an absorber flap. This key function is to increase the cleanliness of the machine and to provide a higher security when installing the removable absorbers after cleaning.

    An aggressive design for progressive environment.

    The QSS-Green Simplex is an extremely compact printing system, taking up less than 0.43 m2 of space. For mobile studios, the QSS-Green Simplex can be loaded at the back of a minivan to increase the work flow!

    Easy to Install

    - Tiny footprint of less than 0.43 m2

    - Compact design ideal for retail and studio environments

    - Plug-and-use design

    - Extreme mobility design without compromising the processing capacity and picture quality

    Capacity / Versatility

    - Up to 650 prints/hr on 6"x4" prints

    - Can connect multiple printers for higher output

    - New print possibilities with the amazing 1757mm (69.2”) max. advance length

    - Choice of color profiles and choice of printing resolutions (Max. resolution: 1440dpi)


    - High resolution prints: 1440dpi

    - Sharp portrayal of details with Noritsu’s multiple dot gradation technology

    - Vivid colors with excellent contrast and smooth gradations

    - Long lasting colors with Noritsu’s proprietary ink

    - "AccuSmart" image correction technology and raw image file processing

    Enhanced Efficiency

    - Compact design capable of flush installation

    - Easy operation and maintenance

    - Support printing from high-speed film scanners, picture kiosks and network*

    *Noritsu EZ Controller software is required


    - Powered by household electricity

    - Machine can be set idle and quick start-up when needed

    - Chemistry free design - use of QSS-Green dye-ink

    - 4-color ink system without sacrificing printing quality