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QSS Printer Driver

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  • The QSS Printer Driver expands the capabilities of using Noritsu printers, by making it easier to print from virtually any software applications. QSS Printer Driver allows Noritsu printing system to be added as one of the Windows or Mac printers, producing amazing high quality full-bleed images from photo-editing and document-editing applications.


    - Easily connect multiple workstations to a single printer, or control multiple systems from a single workstation

    - Output files from Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Acrobat, Illustrator, PageMaker, QuarkXPress, Microsoft PowerPoint/Word/Excel and more

    - Create massive enlargements by splitting an image into multiple pages using the built-in image allocation feature

    - Windows and Mac compatible

    Compatible Models

    - Digital Dry Printers:
    D502, D701, D703, D1005, D1005HR and QSS Green

    - Digital QSS Minilabs:
    QSS-33 series, QSS-3300 series, QSS-33SD series, QSS-3501, QSS-3501 PLUS, QSS-3502, QSS-3502 PLUS, QSS-3501i, QSS-3501iPLUS, QSS-37 series, QSS-37HD series, QSS-3801HD, QSS-3800 and LPS-24PRO