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Dear Noritsu Professional Customer

20th November 2017

Noritsu is Pleased to officially announced that Noritsu is continuing to manufacture Traditional Silver Halide (AGX) Printers for Professional laboratories and Photographers alike.

Noritsu has never stopped manufacturing the Traditional Silver Halide printer and theses machines have been the mainstay in the Professional market for decades. Noritsu is committed to embrace Traditional Silver Halide technology and it has remained a popular choice around the world with a range of professional customers.

Noritsu's world's best silver halide technology, Software and Traditional Silver Halide printers, deliver superior quality in terms of contrast, depth, and texture by emphasizing natural colours.

Noritsu has been made aware of concerns and rumours about the future production of Noritsu Traditional Silver Halide technology and would like to take the opportunity to declare that "Noritsu will continue to manufacture Traditional Silver Halide machines"

For further information on Noritsu Traditional Silver Halide machines, Inkjet Machines and Noritsu software options please contact your local Noritsu agent.

Noritsu looks forward to your continued support

Yours Sincerely,

Tatsuya Hoshino
Representative Director, President
Noritsu Precision Co., Ltd.

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